Client Reviews…

Many times when deciding on whether or not to invest in an Ad Agency, you have nothing but the the sales page to go by.. That's not the case with MentorRupted. We have client reviews and case studies from actual clients.
Our benchmark for success is the 6 Figure Award, which means you have made over $100,000 with your store as a result of MentorRupted Services. Just last month we had 15 (6) Figure awards sent out and dozens that have hit the $10K mark.

So, should you invest in our Ad Agency? We'll let the reviews from our clients answer that question below…





Calvin Chan

When I started with Mark I had a lot of success with amazon and I wanted to move that success over to my own store. But every time I tried Facebook ads I had little to no success so I went ahead and bought his course.

After doing a Free + shipping offer to learn how his system works I moved onto regular priced items. The first product I tried I did $4,400 in sales with only $119 in ad spend and then I had to stop selling that product because of supply issues. I found another product I thought would do well and I was correct as you can see from my sales. I was able to scale this one product to $57,000 in one month and it was because I followed Mark's system. 

- Calvin 

What is the 5 Figure Club?
The 5 Figure Club is a group of entrepreneurs that have learned from one of Mark Hagar's premium trainings... 

...and have made at least $10,000 or more in revenue.

Mark believes that once you hit $10,000 with your store, that's when you understand everything.

And at that point there's no limit to how big you can go. 
Congrats to the following
 Members of the 5 Figure Club!
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MOin Amjad

Marks course was a huge help in getting me to $1K - $1.2K per day in sales. I've only been a member for just over a month and it's already payed off. 

- MOin 

Jeremy Jason
Jeremy's Brand New Store
Carlo Odisho

I've never had success with Facebook ads before. I have spent around $800 and got only few sales. I always relayed on Instagram influencers and I'm not gonna lie I had a success and still have. At the same time I didn't give up on Facebook ads and I always knew I was missing something in my ads. After joining the course and had two calls with Mark Hagar. He literally showed me that missing PIECE!

What I'm trying to say is Facebook ads are not rocket science but they're TRICKY!

These screenshots are from the past three days and today isn't even over yet.

- Carlo 

Spent $30 to make $4,000

After joining Marks Facebook Ads Course I implemented what he taught me and starting making sales after only $30 in ad spend. I'm getting $15 conversion and each conversion is worth $2,000. So far I've made $4,000 with $30 ad spend and I'm not even retargeting yet. 
- Muaz