Facebook Ads in Groups


Anyone here apart of a Facebook group? Of course you are! And each of those groups you have joined is essentially something you are interested in. Whether it be buying and selling cars or even a group so niched such as the love for miniature schnauzers. Either way, everyone is in them, and by everyone, I mean billions of people.

Now, anyone here a marketer and wish you could advertise in Facebook groups? I know I have! Well good news! Facebook is opening up the ability to market to groups in 2017. They have already started testing and some have reported seeing “we’re testing ads in groups” but only if you’re in Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. 

In the upcoming months you may start to notice updates in the way you post in Facebook groups. Facebook will need to be able to reliably categorize the groups to enhance ad targeting in order for it to reach people of different interests with highly relevant and lucrative ads.

As with all marketing in Facebook, as to not anger its users, the social network will have to avoid showing so many ads. But either way, they are growing their bottom line, which also means marketers will have the ability to grow theirs.

3 New Mentors Added This Week!

Portrait of five business partners keeping thumbs up and looking at camera with smiles

In order to bring you more value and success we have added 3 more mentors and that means more classes and skills for you to pick up! We plan to continue to grow with you, and will continue to add value to areas where we see opportunities for you!

We have added the following mentors and classes:

Jessica Hagar
Shopify & Drop Shipping

Michael Bryan
Sales Funnels & Marketing

Matt Minosky
WordPress & Web Development

It PAYS to be an affiliate at MentorRupted!

Last month we ran a test and gave away 4 one month memberships. So far we have had a 100% sign-up rate! We have been running social media promos and webinars, choosing winners to give away trial memberships to. We have decided to show our appreciation to you, and give you more opportunities to start earning cold, hard cash! We will be adding signups under your affiliate accounts. Watch the video for more details!

Are you a broke Entrepreneur?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? You want to get started but don’t know where? Do you think because you have no money, you have to put your dreams to the side and suck it up? STOP RIGHT THERE! Absolutely none of these are true and Mark will be showing you why and how to get started NOW!

Join Mark for a free webinar on how lack of money is the last thing on your list of excuses of why you can’t get started on growing your business today. He will cover three essential ways you can get started now and stop wasting time.

Simply click the button below to join now, you won’t regret it!


facebook Image Dimensions

fb-dimensions-700x366-2Here are the post and ad types included in the infographic:

  • Clicks to Website and Website Conversions (Link Shares)
  • Multiple Product
  • Page Post Engagement (Photo and Text Shares)
  • Video Views (Video Shares)
  • Text Shares
  • Page Like Ads
  • App Install Ads (Mobile and Desktop)
  • App Engagement Ads (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Local Awareness Ads
  • Events
  • Offers

    BackroundimageScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.05.39 AM

Class Archives Now Available.

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Great news protégés! As promised live video streams are now being archived and are available to watch or re-watch at your convenience.

This will allow you to keep learning and developing at your own pace, on a schedule that fits perfectly into your day. No excuses!

We’ll be adding videos to the library following class. Matt’s Forex Class from last night is up and Mark’s recording for yesterday’s Facebook class will be added ASAP!

Stay after it! We have to put the extra work in that others won’t in order to be successful.